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Ford Focus

New Ford Focus

Impossible to ignore, the Ford Focus is a car that makes its presence felt where ever it goes. Engineered with Ford Kinetic Design at its centre, it is one of the technologically advanced card on the road. The driver-oriented interior is beautifully crafted so you'll feel completely at one with the car, with the latest technology and features at your fingertips.

Jennings Motor Group Ford Focus

Higher Performance – Lower Costs

Class leading efficient engines have been developed for the Focus.  ECOnetic Technology allows you to reduce ownership costs, educe CO2 without changing driving style or quality. Ford Auto-Stop Start shuts down the engine when stationary in traffic or at traffic lights. The engine restarts when you are ready to pull away.

Dirty fuel caps are a thing of the past with Ford Easy-Fuel. The capless system will only allow the correct fuel to be added with its unique nozzle – preventing expensive mistakes when re-fuelling.

Voice control

Using Ford Sync, the new voice control interface, you can control the Music you listen to and receive calls from your phone using simple voice commands.  Simple say “call mum” and your call will be connected or “Play artist Robbie Williams” and your favourite song will play.

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Safety as standard

Equipped with Intelligent Protective System, the Focus coordinate its safety systems to protect you and your passengers. In the result as an accident, the pedals and steering column are designed to collapse away from the driver to reduce the risk of injury. This is supported by a number of airbags to protect passengers and a rigid impact-absorbing body.

Active City Stop automatically applies the breaks at speeds under 19mph if a car in front has stopped using its detective system.  To help achieve maximum braking in higher speed emergencies, Emergency Brake Assist senses the pressure applied to the brake and increases it if necessary.

Driver alerts

Winning an EuroNCAP Advanced Award, the Focus records your driving pattern and style allowing it to detect fatigue or tiredness. A warning light appears on the display suggesting you are due a break.


Ford Focus Accessories

Jennings Motor Group offers a comprehensive range of main dealer Focus Accessories -including DAB radio, Mud Flaps, Bodykits, Rear Spoilers and Bike Roof Racks.