Mazda 5-MPV

New Mazda 5-MPV

Quick Spec

Fuel: Petrol/Diesel

Bodystyle: Hatchback

Transmission: Manual/Automatic

Engine: 1.6-2.3

Emissions: 138-159 g/km

Tax: E-G

MPG: 39.2 - 54.3

With a unconventional body style and design features, the Mazda 5 is a stylish 7 seater that stands out from other MPVs. With pioneering sliding rear doors that open effortlessly for easy access/loading and the flexible Karakuri seating system, the Mazda 5 is the smart choice.

Safety as standard

Providing amongst the highest levels of passenger protection, the Mazda 5 features many leading safety technologies.  Dynamic Stability Control helps stable the car when swerving or cornering. The engine power is reduced and regulated braking pressure is applied – helping to reduce understeer or oversteer. Wheel spinning is also reduced on loose surfaces with the Traction Control System. In the unfortunate even of an accident the Mazda Advanced Impact Distribution and Absorption System (MAIDAS) protects the body shell of the car and spreads the impact of the collision. 

Mazda 5-MPV Mazda 5-MPV Mazda 5-MPV

Fuel efficiency

Large vehicles don’t have to have a large environmental footprint – with ingenious innovations the 1.6litre diesel version produces just 138 g/km of CO2 and a combined cycle mpg of 54.3. The petrol version features i-stop technology that switches off the engine when held in traffic before quickly restarting when ready to move. 

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