Published: 25 Sep 2014

A member of staff at Jennings Ford, part of the Jennings Motor Group, has achieved three decades of loyalty without having a day off on the sick.

Andrew Fisher, 48, from Gateshead, works as an accident repair centre manager at the group’s Eslington Park dealership in Gateshead.

After leaving Whickham Comprehensive School at the age of 16, initially Andrew was focussed on becoming a chef.

But that all changed when he spotted a vacancy at the job centre for a paint sprayer within the accident repair centre at his local Ford dealer and decided to give it a go.

Embarking on the government’s former Youth Training Scheme, after one year, Andrew was taken on the books full-time.

Over the next ten years, Andrew gained valuable experience and knowledge within the accident repair centre, which stood him in good stead for future promotion.

After spending a number of years assisting with the day-to-day running of the department in 1994, he was promoted to accident repair centre manger at the dealership.

The role entails overseeing the day-to-day running of the department, in addition to being responsible for a team of eight members of staff, ensuring sales objectives set out by Ford Motor Company are met on a monthly and quarterly basis and the highest possible standard of customer service is provided at all times.

Andrew said; “I am delighted and extremely grateful to have been given the opportunity to progress my career to such a senior level and look forward to many more years with Jennings Ford.”

To mark the special occasion, Brian Johnston, group service and bodyshop manager, handed the loyalty vouchers to Andrew.

He said; “Achieving 30 years’ loyalty is a fantastic achievement and to not have had a single day absent through illness is even more commendable.

“Andrew is a hard working, conscientious and dedicated member of the management team and an asset to the company.”

Not only is this the fourth occasion Andrew has received loyalty vouchers from his employer, who reward staff every five years when they achieve the first 15 years of service, but he has also been rewarded on many occasions for his continuous achievements through various incentives implemented by Ford Motor Company. 

In the past, placing in Ford’s annual accident repair centre champions league, has resulted in a number of rewards including a ‘once in a lifetime’ Tandem Skydive.

For more information about the range of products and services available at Jennings Ford, call into the Eslington Park dealership, contact 0191 460 7464 or visit

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