Published: 02 Mar 2011

A celebration has been underway at Jennings Ford Direct in South Shields, where a member of staff has been rewarded for 45 loyal years with the only company he has worked for since leaving school.

Loyal Allan Etherington, from South Shields, was offered a job in the parts department at the Jennings Ford Direct dealership, formerly known as Selwoods, after leaving the former Ralph Gardener High School in North Shields, in 1966.

Since Jennings Ford took over the dealership in 1995, it has been company policy to recognise and reward those members of staff with previous years served.

The new job resulted in Allan relocating from North Shields to South Shields and it was also where he met his wife, Pat. The couple have been happily married for the past 40 years.

Since joining the dealership in 1966, Allan has witnessed many changes not only within the industry, but also as a result of the introduction of computer technology.

“When I first started working in the parts department, everything was done manually, but nowadays thanks to the advances in computer technology, it’s all done at the simple touch of a button, which is great because it’s less time consuming for staff and also enables us to provide a continued professional service to our customers,” said Allan.

Allan added; “I am delighted to have my loyalty recognised in such a rewarding way.”

The presentation took place at the Newcastle Road dealership when parts manager, Colin Ramshaw, handed the loyalty vouchers for achieving 45 years’ loyalty with the company, to Allan.

“Allan is a credit to the parts team. He always works conscientiously and is dedicated to providing an exceptionally high level of service. I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his continuous hard work and also to congratulate him on achieving 45 years’ loyalty.”

Jennings Ford Direct operates a sales and service department at the Newcastle Road dealership in South Shields.

For more information about the range of products and services available, customers can call into the Newcastle Road dealership or contact 0191 4276666.

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