Published: 28 Jun 2012

Nas Khan, founder of The Emaan Foundation charity and managing director of Jennings Motor Group, is delighted to announce that the charity is in its final phase of fundraising- with less than £20K left to raise.

Thanks to kind and generous support from members of the public, family, friends and work colleagues, the Appeal, which was launched with the aim to contribute towards building a new village in Rahim Yar Khan in Pakistan following the floods in September 2012, has exceeded the £100K mark.

Nas Khan, founder of The Emaan Foundation, said; “I am overwhelmed with the kind and generous support we have received and delighted to be embarking on the final phase of our fundraising activity.”

The Emaan Foundation’s Appeal to raise £120K will build a new village consisting of 60 homes in the Rahim Yar Khan village, south of Punjab in Pakistan. The village will include a deep tube well to provide clean water, in addition to livestock to make the village self sufficient.

The charity is appealing to members of the public who would like to donate any of the following items, which will contribute towards raising funds in the final phase.

• items of clothing, shoes, handbags or belts

• original ink cartridges

• unwanted items of jewellery (including costume jewellery)

If you would be interested in donating any of the above mentioned items, or if you would be interested in organising your own fundraising event to help boost funds, please contact Bev Stephenson on 01642 209113 or email

To make a donation to the charity, visit and click on 'donate' at the top of the page

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