Published: 03 May 2011

Despite recent alleged criticism regarding Cheryl Cole’s Geordie accent being difficult to understand with our friends across the pond, it seems staff at the Jennings Ford Direct dealership, are being heard loud and clear with both national and international customers.

The Newcastle Road dealership in South Shields, was acquired by Jennings Motor Group in 1995 and since that time, staff, the majority of whom are avid Newcastle United fans, have been successfully building a loyal customer database through providing a second to none service to local customers.

Thanks to the advanced developments in technology, for the past decade, staff at the dealership, have also been able to deliver their exceptional customer service skills to customers on a national and international level.

David Walker, general sales manager at the Jennings Ford Direct dealership, said;

“More customers are becoming confident about making that final purchasing decision over the internet. The majority of customers are happy to proceed with the sale upon receipt of an electronic image, which means they actually don’t get to physically see and inspect the vehicle until the day of delivery.

“Customers are not only prepared to travel the length and breadth of country in order to secure a deal on a quality vehicle, but those from the more southern parts of the country, say they would prefer to travel to the North East because of the friendly and attentive customer service they receive.

“All the internet sales we have successfully secured with customers across England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, in addition to a customer we recently supplied a vehicle to in France, I can confidently confirm that we have never experienced a breakdown in communication as a result of the Geordie accent being difficult to understand.”

The Jennings Ford Direct website offers an extensive range of quality used cars that can easily be accessed at the simple touch of a button.

For more information about the range of products and services available at the Jennings Ford Direct dealership, call in to the Newcastle Road branch or contact 0191 4276666.

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