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Published: 26 Jul 2010

A pioneering new initiative introduced by Ford Motor Company, is contributing towards reducing fuel bills by up to 25 per cent for customers at Jennings Ford branches across the region.

The Ford Econo Check, which has been launched at Jennings Ford’s Stockton, Middlesbrough, Sunderland, Gateshead and South Shields service departments, offers both a vehicle inspection, an extended analysis of driving style and advice on how to improve fuel economy.

Available on vehicles up to 12-years-old, the Econo Check starts with a check of all components, which influence fuel use. A Ford approved technician then carries out a 15-minute health check inspection, which includes tyre pressure and condition, oil and air filter cleanliness.

At the time of the inspection, the approved technician will also fit a small detachable data logger to the vehicle, which remains discretely and securely in the cabin for seven days. Once removed, either by JenningsFord or by the customer, and returned by post, the logger will reveal enough data on driving speed, anticipation, braking and gear change to issue a personalised report.

The emailed Econo Check report will recommend the driving style adjustments that could lead to reduced fuel consumption and emissions. The Ford Econo Check package can save up to 25 per cent on fuel or £470 annually for the 12,000 miles a year motorist.

Nicky Dalkin, operations director for Jennings Motor Group, said; “The new Econo Check has been warmly welcomed by customers who are keen to take advantage of the financial benefits, during a period of continued economic uncertainty.”

The new Ford Econo Check is available to customers at a cost of £29.99 and for a limited time only, it is available with a £15 BP fuel cashback voucher plus £15 off the next scheduled service.

Customers can also take advantage of a number of ECOnetic diesel models, which are available to test drive at the Stockton, Middlesbrough, Sunderland, Gateshead and South Shields dealerships.

The ECOnetic range consists of the Focus 1.6-litre TDCi engine, the ECOnetic Mondeo 1.8 TDCi and the ECOnetic Fiesta 1.6-litre diesel engine.

For more information about the Ford Econo Check system, contact Stockton on 01642 632200, Middlesbrough on 01642 240055, Sunderland on 0191 5491111, Gateshead on 0191 4607464 or South Shields on 0191 4276666.

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