Ford iosis X Concept

Posted on 28 Feb 2007

iosis X signposts Ford’s dramatic future

Introducing the iosis X Concept: a radical five-door sports-crossover vehicle making its worldwide debut at Paris 2006. This breathtakingly dramatic vehicle pushes the boundaries of Ford’s 'energy in motion' philosophy to the limit, fusing ‘kinetic design’ with the sporty ruggedness of a 4x4. Like the original iosis coupe Concept that made such an impact at shows last year, this isn’t a production vehicle but it brilliantly lights the road ahead for Ford.

Inspiration on the outside

Ford has developed new visual themes and ideas first seen on the iosis coupe and applied them to a chunky, sporty SUV crossover. At the front, iosis X features the bold new Ford face, translated into a muscular look that perfectly conveys its rugged attitude.

Striking visual cues include the strong, prominent lower grille. And the upper grille has simply become a ram air intake – featuring a deliberately large Ford blue oval badge that seems to be thrusting forwards from within the engine bay.

Below, rugged and dynamically formed 'skid plate' claddings on the lower part of the vehicle stand off from the body and create a powerful new look. Above, a swooping roofline suggests a coupé-like profile from the rear, and the resulting confident stance of iosis X belies its relatively compact size.

Kinetic Design details

The inverted front grille is a powerful design statement, with the basic shape also appearing in many other interpretations throughout the exterior: the intakes at the front, the chamfers at the base of the windscreen and rear window, within the wheels, and the ridges running down the bonnet.

Both front and rear lamps deploy LEDs in a highly detailed execution featuring swept back top edges. The lamps appear to be formed as one with the surface, which gives a striking 3-D effect

Drama and detail on the inside

A thrilling interior has been crafted for the iosis X Concept. It’s dominated by a new 'interlocking bridge' centre console, based on modern helicopter cockpit design. A slim instrument panel flows through into the door lines, adding to an exhilarating feel for the front seat occupants.

And although iosis X is not intended to be a mechanical prototype, it is fitted with an electronic sequential gear change control in the centre console, featuring an innovative design that fits snugly into the palm of the hand like a computer games controller. The iosis X Concept is topped off with an emphasis on high quality detailing and surface design throughout.

Finally, one last moment of pure drama: beneath your feet a solid glass floor lets you glimpse the ground as it rushes past below.

Bold colours and bold choices

Inspired by extreme winter sports like heliskiing and ice climbing, the colours and textures of iosis X are very cool and fresh. Unusually for this class of vehicle, iosis X is finished in an icy, brilliant white chilled further by a blue 'flip' effect in the paint finish, set off by twin silver stripes running the length of the bonnet and etched into the glass roof. And while most of the automotive world is using piano black for interiors, Ford has moved in the opposite direction by using high gloss piano white on the centre console and in the steering wheel.

Ford’s design future on show

Iosis X clearly demonstrates that 'kinetic design' is fast becoming a consistent and enduring reality in Ford's future. And when Ford enters this particular sector of the market, it will be with an individual and dynamic product that shares the excitement of the iosis X Concept.

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