A Drive For Everyone

Published: 16 Jun 2010

Jennings Motor Group is reaching audiences across the world, after joining the successful social networking site, facebook.

The world’s largest social networking site, with over 400 million users, was founded and launched by Mark Zuckerberg and some of his college friends in February 2004.

The site, which enables users to add people as friends and send them messages, update personal profiles and notify friends about themselves, also allows users to join networks which are organised by the workplace, school or college.

Since joining the site, Jennings Motor Group has attracted hundreds of facebook fans who have become members and submitted their approval, in addition to posting positive comments on the site, which can be found by logging onto


Members who sign up for facebook can connect with Jennings Motor Group every second of every day and are kept up-to-date with news around the dealerships, forthcoming events, current offers available, new model launches, in addition to being able to browse around an extensive portfolio of photos and post messages.

Nas Khan, managing director of Jennings Motor Group, said; “The internet is an integral part of the marketing mix at Jennings and we recognised the successful social networking site, facebook as being an ideal platform in which to communicate various messages and connect with a wide and continuously expanding audience.”

If you would like to become a member of Jennings Motor Group network on facebook, log onto www.facebook.com/jenningsgroup


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