Jennings Motor Group signs up to Trading Standards Green Car Scheme

Posted on 28 Jan 2010

Customers looking to purchase a used car at Jennings are being made aware of the green credentials of each vehicle - and it’s all thanks to a scheme launched by Middlesbrough Council.

Jennings SEAT, Ford and Mazda, based at the Cargo Fleet Lane dealership in Middlesbrough, have signed up to the Council’s Green Car Scheme which was devised by the Trading Standards team, in order to provide easily understood information to consumers about the CO2 emissions of used cars.

In addition to Jennings Motor Group, 10 other dealers in the town have also joined the pioneering scheme which has been helping to raise environmental awareness among customers since its launch in March last year.

Each car is rated on its CO2 emissions and placed in one of seven bands. These correspond to a symbolic ‘green car rating’ ranging from 1 (greatest emissions) to 6, with an additional gold rating for the very lowest emissions.

As this is broadly based the current Vehicle Excise Duty banding, it also maintains the all important link between being environmentally friendly and saving money.

The ratings are displayed on hangers hooked onto cars’ interior mirrors, with further details of the scheme featured on posters inside the dealership.

Middlesbrough Mayor Ray Mallon, who launched the scheme last March, said: “I am delighted that the town’s car dealers have offered such a widespread support to our scheme.

“Middlesbrough deserves it Beacon status for climate change, and I’m pleased to see these dealerships going the extra mile to ensure motorists can play their part.

“It is essential that consumers in Middlesbrough are as informed as possible, particularly when making purchases that have a major financial and environmental impact.

“Although it is mandatory to display emissions information on new cars there is no such requirement for used vehicles.

In introducing this scheme we have filled this gap in the system in an eye-catching and easily understandable way.”

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