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Published: 08 Jul 2009

For the third consecutive year, Jennings Motor Group has agreed to sponsor one of the UK’s biggest cycling events, which will be taking place in the region this weekend.

When organisers of the Northern Rock Cyclone Challenge, which offers a full weekend of cycling events suitable for everyone of all ages and ranges in ability from recreational cyclists to World Class Olympic riders, were looking for a reliable sponsor – they turned to Jennings Motor Group who were more than willing to assist with their services.

A total of eight Ford and Mazda vehicles have been allocated as support vehicles for the finale of the weekend, the Beaumont Trophy, which is now a British Cycling Premier Calendar event.

The vehicles, including a Ford Transit van, have been donated from the group’s Ford and Mazda branches across the region and will be filled with fuel and in place for the Beaumont Trophy, which is expected to witness over 140 of the very best cyclists in Britain, some of whom are current Olympic Gold Medallists who will be competing for the trophy.

The field also contains the Irish National team and two teams from Holland.

Other events over the course of the weekend will include the Newcastle Leazes Criteriums, which will take place in Leazes Park, Newcastle, and will involve cyclists of all ages covering a course around the park. This year, there is also a Celebrity Challenge Race with celebrities such as Steve Cram, Allison Curbishley, and Geoff Thomas taking part.

The Cyclone Challenge, will include more than 2300 club and recreational cyclists taking to the roads of Newcastle and Northumberland, with many of the cyclists riding on behalf of different charities.

The event, which is now the biggest of its type in England and the third biggest in the UK, is said to become the biggest in Britain within the next two years.

Graeme Armstrong, finance director and company secretary for Jennings Motor Group, is taking part in the challenge and is delighted to be able to assist with the event for another year.

“Once again, it is an absolute pleasure not only being able to be involved through participation, but also being able to support such a huge and successful event in the North East.”

Peter Harrison, Organiser of the Northern Rock Cyclone Challenge, is expecting this year’s event to be another huge success.


“We would like to thank everyone, including Jennings, who is supporting the weekend through various means of sponsorship. We anticipate the event to be another phenomenal success.”


For more information about the event, please log onto www.northernrockcyclone.co.uk

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