Published: 01 Feb 2010

The arrival of a kiwi green Leon FR model at Jennings SEAT ended up on social networking site, Facebook.

Within 24 hours of the bright, head-turning model being delivered by transporter to the Cargo Fleet Lane dealership in Middlesbrough, it was sold to a customer and Facebook fan from Thornaby.

Jennifer Tombs had already seen the 2-litre diesel Leon FR fully fitted with a K1 British Touring Championship bodykit when it was delivered to the dealership, but when friends posted pics of the stunning sport model on her Facebook page, she knew she had to act quickly before the model was sold.

“I knew the moment I saw the car that I had to have it,” said Jennifer.

She added; “By the time I got to the dealership, it had been valeted and was up on the ramps and it looked fantastic.”

Due to fly off on holiday the following day, Jennifer knew she couldn’t leave it until she came back and decided to buy the car there and then.

Jennifer went on to say; “The car was causing a lot of interest, it’s so bright people were even turning off the A66 to the dealership to have a look at it and I just knew it would be sold within no time.”

Craig Johnson, franchise manager at Jennings SEAT in Middlesbrough, said; “The moment the car was unloaded people were taking photos on their mobile phones and apparently one of the pics ended up on Facebook, which resulted in people specifically driving to the dealership to see the car for themselves. It literally was the talk of the town. After the car was sold, we took a further 30 telephone enquiries from customers who wanted to buy the car, but unfortunately it was already sold.”

The 2-litre Leon FR proved to be so popular that another model, but this time a 2-litre Leon Cupra model in the same shade of kiwi green, a colour unique to SEAT, was ordered and placed on the forecourt at the dealership.

Craig added; “The Leon Cupra model was just as successful and also sold within an extremely short space of time. We are actively looking for another model in the same colour which we hope to source in the near future.”

Specification on the Leon FR includes 17” alloy wheels, dual zone climate control and FR sport seats and the Leon Cupra model includes 18” alloy wheels, dual zone climate control, Cupra sport seats and a centre exhaust.

For more information about the range of products and services available at Jennings SEAT, call into the Cargo Fleet Lane dealership or contact 01642 204040.

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