Published: 06 Apr 2011

A lucky pensioner from Burnmoor, County Durham, has scooped first prize in a charity raffle, organised by Jennings.

Graham Kelly, 74, has been a customer of the Jennings Ford and Mazda service department on Parsons Road in Washington, for the past ten years.

When his ever reliable Ford Fiesta was having its annual service and MOT at the Washington branch, Mr Kelly took the opportunity to purchase a raffle ticket, which was organised by staff to raise funds for Red Nose Day.

Having never won anything in his entire life, Mr Kelly was more than willing to pay for a ticket, but told service receptionist June Appleyard to keep it, as he didn’t think he would win…..or so he thought.

Mr Kelly’s name was first out of the hat and he won a brand new mountain bike.

“At first, when I received the phone call to say I had won first prize and a brand new mountain bike was waiting for me at the Washington branch, I thought it was a joke,” said Mr Kelly.

He added; “When I realised it wasn’t a joke, I was absolutely over the moon. It’s the first time I’ve won anything in my life.

“It’s an absolutely beautiful bike and although I am extremely grateful, I’ve decided to give it to my 15-year-old, grandson, Jamie, who I’m sure will get more use out of it than I will.”

The presentation, took place when service manager, Brian Johnston, handed the bike to Mr Kelly who decided to test drive it out on the car park, having not ridden a bike for 58 years!

Brian said; “It was an absolute pleasure presenting the mountain bike to Mr Kelly, who has been a loyal customer for a number of years.”

Mr Kelly, originally from Leeds, started his career as an apprentice maintenance electrician and was self-employed for a few years prior to joining West Yorkshire Metropolitan Ambulance Service, where he spent 20 years as an ambulance driver.

Staff at the Ford and Mazda service department in Washington teamed up with the group’s South Shields branch and raised a total of £351 for Red Nose Day.

For the past six years, the Washington branch has also raised cash for Cancer Research.

For more information about products and services available at the Jennings Ford and Mazda’s service department, customers can call in to the Parsons Road branch or contact 0191 4619140

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