Published: 01 Jul 2009

Jennings Mazda in Sunderland is enjoying a boom in new car sales to local businesses thanks to an innovative Mazda programme targeting the ‘Small Fleet Market’ that has now been extended for a further two years.

Officially launched in May last year, Mazda UK’s nationwide ‘Business Development Programme’ was designed to help dealers sell more cars to local businesses. During its first 12 months it was operated by a carefully selected group of 35 dealers, chosen from the 165-strong network – including JenningsMazda’s Riverside Road dealership located just off Wessington Way in Sunderland.

To date the Mazda programme, which focuses on the sub-50 cars fleet sector, has resulted in the opening of more than 360 new accounts across the UK with businesses that collectively operate more than 7700 company cars.

“Mazda’s investment in the programme in terms of helping franchise dealers like us to establish new relations with businesses in our area is being rewarded with significant business opportunities,” said Norman Shepherd, franchise manager at Jennings Mazda in Sunderland.

Norman added; “For the first time in many cases, businesses across Wearside are experiencing a local franchise dealer pro-actively approaching them with detailed information and sound advice on company car acquisition, operating policies, procedures and costs.

“Companies that have taken delivery of Mazda vehicles represent conquest sales for our brand. Not only are we benefiting from the initial supply of new Mazda cars to the small fleet market, but we will also see workshop business increase as a result of service, maintenance and repair work in the future. Ultimately, by forming a strong partnership with local small fleet operators we can look forward to long-standing business relationships.”

Mazda UK’s successful foray into the small fleet market, which sees franchise dealers like Jennings Mazda working in tandem with a specialist sales team Magma Services – part of the London-based automotive specialist group – is now set to further drive forward sales to business until 2013.

“A significant number of SMEs still outright purchase their vehicles, but there is a growing trend towards leasing. However, the improved business cash flow opportunities offered via both Mazda Contract Hire and Mazda Personal Contract Hire products are being exploited by many new customers,” added Norman.

For more information about the range of products and services available at Jennings Mazda, call into the Riverside Road dealership or contact 0191 5375666.

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