Promotion boosts sales at JenningsFord Direct

Posted on 28 Jan 2010

Everyone was a winner at Jennings Ford Direct recently and it was all thanks to a successful four-day promotion.

The ‘Win-go’ promotion not only boosted sales at the Newcastle Road dealership in South Shields, but it also resulted in customers walking away with thousands of pounds worth of prizes.

Customers who purchased a nearly new car during the promotion were given the opportunity to take part by simply matching the numbers on their game card to the numbers on display in the showroom.

“We are absolutely delighted with the number of sales the promotion generated and indeed the number of prizes our customers were able to walk away with - the prize value exceeded £3000,” said David Walker, general sales manager at Jennings Ford Direct in South Shields.

He added; “We secured 30 sales over the four-day promotional period, which has been a fantastic boost to sales especially at this time of year.”

Prior to the promotion customers were sent a ‘win-go’ game card through the post. If the numbers on the card matched the numbers on display in the showroom, the customer was in line for one of three prizes. Matching one line entitled the customer to £250 worth of fuel, two lines and they received £250 worth of fuel plus a free portable satellite navigation system and a full house (three lines matching) entitled the customer to £1000 off the screen price of any Ford Direct vehicle on the forecourt.

Jennings Ford Direct, which opened in 2003, houses hundreds of nearly new cars which are delivered direct from the manufacturer.

For more information about the range of products and services available at Jennings Ford Direct, call into the Newcastle Road dealership or contact 0191 4276666.

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