Shoppers take part in ‘crack the safe’ promo to win new motor

Posted on 03 Aug 2006

Shoppers visiting The Mall Middlesbrough at the weekend were given the opportunity to walk away with the key to a brand new Ford Focus Coupé-Cabriolet.

The prize was part of a joint promotion between The Mall Middlesbrough, Jennings Ford and Galaxy Radio.

Throughout the day, shoppers were given the chance to ‘crack the safe’ by keying in a five digit combination.

More than 1000 participants took to the stage in an attempt to win the stunning motor, which was supplied by Jennings Ford’s Yarm Road dealership in Stockton.

Steven Flack, sales manager at Jennings Ford in Stockton, said; “We were delighted to assist The Mall with their promotion which ran on Galaxy Radio.”

Despite a varied combination of birthdays, anniversaries, door numbers, lucky numbers and even lottery numbers, unfortunately no-one was lucky enough to come up with the correct combination and drive away with the latest addition to the Ford family.

Together with the high performance Ford Focus ST, the Ford Focus Coupé-Cabriolet, which was officially launched in January of this year, sits at the very top of the Focus family and is available in three versions, including the 1.6-litre CC-1, the 2-litre CC-2 and the range-topping CC-3, for more information click on the links below.

Ford Focus ST

Ford Focus CC-1

Ford Focus CC-2

Ford Focus CC-3

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