Published: 13 Aug 2009

Jennings Motor Group has galloped in to support a dedicated and determined woman pursue her interest in the sport of equestrianism.

Emma Mould, 34, from Cox Green in Sunderland, contacted the group’s service department on Riverside Road, just off Wessington Way, to see if they would be able to assist with the maintenance of her 7 ½ tonne Iveco horse box.

Responsible for transporting both Emma, members of her family and a number of horses to horse riding events across the length and breadth of the country, means the horse box must be kept in tip top condition.

Emma said; “All of the events I attend are funded by me, which is a huge financial strain. Maintaining the horse box was an additional expense for me and I was starting to struggle.”

Desperate and determined to be able to continue pursuing her interest in the sport, Emma contacted her local Ford and Mazda dealer, Jennings, who were more than willing to give a helping hand.

The sponsorship, which entails servicing and maintaining the horse box, has relieved part of the financial burden for Emma, who can now travel with peace of mind knowing the vehicle is being regularly maintained by a reliable and reputable company.

Emma added; “I simply can’t thank Jennings Motor Group enough for all of their help, generosity and support.”

Commercial after sales manager, Ian Grant, based at the Sunderland dealership, said; “The department is used to servicing a wide range and high volume of cars and commercial vehicles on a daily basis, so when we received the unusual enquiry about a 7 ½ tonne horse box, we knew we would be able to assist with regular maintenance.”

He added; “We would like to wish Emma every success in her horse riding events in the future.”

Since the tender age of three, Emma has been winning competitions at both local and national levels. At thirteen she was riding for the British Show Jumping Team and competed at events such as the Royal International Horse Show.

The dedicated individual has been chosen twice to ride for the British Riding Club International Team competing in England and abroad and in the past, has been voted best British rider.

In addition to this, she has won the much coveted Poly Philips Memorial trophy for best British Amateur rider, won at all levels of British Eventing from pre-novice to advanced, qualified for one of the most prestigious of events in the world for this sport, the Badminton and Burghley, which are both CCI **** events, reached 105th in the world rankings and achieved a win at the Burgie International Horse Trials in the CCI.

Despite the season coming to an end and not restarting again until March of next year, Emma spends the winter months instructing, training and even finds time to run her own dog grooming business.

Thanks to sponsorship from Jennings’ Service Department on Riverside Road in Sunderland, it will be peace of mind motoring in future for Emma and her horses.

Emma went on to say; “Although the agreement has relieved part of the financial burden, I am still actively looking for local sponsors to help out with funding of future events.”

If you would be interested in sponsoring Emma, please contact 0796 133 3261.

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