A Drive For Everyone

Published: 14 Jul 2010

Staff at Jennings Ford, Mazda and SEAT branches across the region, have been ‘bringin’ on back the good times’ and it’s all part of the Group’s third quarter marketing campaign.

An era which was mainly associated with the birth of British pop music and fashion, known to the majority as the ‘swinging sixties’, accommodated a decade of short skirts, flower power, peace and love.

Thanks to a new ‘It’s second time around for the 60s at Jennings’ marketing campaign, staff at branches across the region have taken a step back in time and resurrected the 60s decade in their own true style - and it’s all to celebrate the arrival the new ‘60’ registration plate change in September.

Nas Khan, managing director of the Jennings Motor Group, said; “At the start of the sixties, JenningsFord was celebrating 43 years of business in the North East.

“Since that time, we have continued to grow as a result of major investment programmes being implemented across the region, mainly the addition of the Mazda and SEAT marques to our portfolio of dealerships.

“The new 60s campaign has been derived in order to celebrate that it’s our second time around for the 60s and the launch of the new 60 registration plate in September was the ideal platform to promote our past, present and future success.”

In order to communicate the message across the North East, a press radio and pr and direct mail campaign is running until the end of September and is expected to contribute towards increasing sales for the third quarter period.

The new advertising campaign is currently running across Jennings Ford branches which can be found at Middlesbrough, Stockton, Sunderland, Gateshead and South Shields, the group’s two Mazda dealerships located at Middlesbrough and Sunderland and also the SEAT franchise in Middlesbrough.

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