Take good ‘car care’ this winter

Posted on 24 Sep 2008

Service staff at Jennings Ford are warning motorists to take good ‘car care’ this winter.

Jennings Ford’s Yarm Road dealership in Stockton and the Cargo Fleet Lane branch in Middlesbrough, are promoting a simple but crucial winter check programme to ensure peace of mind motoring.

Whether it’s a short or long distance you intend travelling. Jennings Ford recommends the following checks be carried out on your vehicle.

Battery – Ideally the battery should be checked prior to the winter months. Most garages will give a visual display to show the condition of the battery.

Anti-Freeze – It’s important to check the anti-freeze content of the washers and cooling system is at the correct level.

Tyres – Check for adequate tread depth, pressure and general condition and don’t forget the spare.

Lights – Make sure all the lights are working properly; headlights, indicators, fog lights and hazard warning interior lights which you may need if stuck in the dark. It is also important that the lights are kept clean in order to ensure maximum visibility at night.

Windscreens – Check the wiper blades are free from cracks and tears and replace if necessary. Also ensure bottle is topped up to maintain good visibility, especially in foggy conditions.

Oil – You should check this at least once a month.

“With winter fast approaching, it is imperative that motorists check their vehicles regularly, not just for obvious safety reasons, but also for peace of mind,” said Bob Humphreys, service manager at Jennings Ford in Stockton.

A number of great voucher savings, including free general car care and maintenance advice is also available by clicking on the 'service and repair' section on this website.

For more information about products and services available at Jennings Ford, contact Stockton on 01642 632200 or Middlesbrough on 01642 240055.

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