Tony swaps ‘sunshine state’ for a job in sales

Posted on 30 Aug 2007

A man from Ingleby Barwick has exchanged life in ‘the sunshine state’ for a job in sales at JenningsSEAT.

Tony Smith, 31, has just returned to the UK after taking time out to travel to Canada and the USA.

“I’ve always wanted to travel and when the opportunity came up, I just grabbed it,” said Tony.

Starting in Canada, Tony spent time visiting various states in America before his once in a lifetime journey came to an end in ‘the sunshine state’ of Florida.

Although Tony thoroughly enjoyed the career break, he knew the dream had to come to an end and he was faced with the challenge of finding suitable employment.

Being all too familiar with the Cargo Fleet Lane dealership, having worked in a sales role at the Ford dealership more than four years ago, Tony got in touch with a former colleague, who told him about the vacancy at Jennings’ SEAT franchise.

Following an interview with Paul Beadling, franchise manager at the JenningsSEAT dealership in Middlesbrough, Tony was offered the job and gladly accepted.

The sun might not shine as much as it does in the States, but so far Tony is thoroughly enjoying the challenge and glad to be back at Jennings;

He said; “I was delighted when I was offered the job. This is a great opportunity for me and it’s great to be back working at Jennings again.”

Tony’s new role involves working closely with the sales team to achieve quarterly sales objectives set out by SEAT, selling new and used cars to motorists across Teesside, in addition to liaising with existing and potential customers.

Paul Beadling, franchise manager at the JenningsSEAT dealership, said; “Having worked in sales for a number of motor dealers across Teesside and North Yorkshire, Tony had the relevant knowledge and experience for the post. On behalf of myself and the sales team, we are delighted to welcome him on board.”

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