Published: 26 Nov 2015

£1000 off every used car and van in Jennings Motor Group’s ‘Black Friday’ clearance event

Motorists looking to bag a bargain on a quality used car or van, can do so at Jennings Motor Group’s dealerships across the region, as ‘Black Friday’ fever takes hold for another year.

The multi-award winning motor dealer group has reduced the price of every single used car and commercial vehicle in stock by £1000 as part of a ‘Black Friday’ one-day clearance event at its Ford, Ford Direct, Kia, Mazda, SEAT, Mitsubishi and Used Car Outlet.

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Black Friday, which originated in the United States, is known for being the best day of the year for retail offers and a time when consumers are given the opportunity to bag a few bargains in time for Christmas.

Customers are being warned to be quick off the mark if they want to take advantage of the substantial discounted offer at Jennings Motor Group’s branches, before the clearance event comes to an end at closing time on Friday evening.

Nas Khan, managing director of Jennings Motor Group, said: “This really is a fantastic opportunity for motorists who are looking for a quality used car or commercial vehicle, to make a substantial saving before Christmas.

“There is a saving to be made for everyone, on every used car and van, at every branch.”

Jennings’ branches are located at; Yarm Road, Stockton; Concorde Way, Stockton; Cargo Fleet Lane, Middlesbrough, Eslington Park, Gateshead; Parsons Road, Washington and Newcastle Road, South Shields, where trained staff are on hand to give professional advice and arrange test drives.

For more information about the Black Friday Clearance event visit, or for more information about the range of new products and other services available at Jennings Motor Group.

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