Published: 31 Jul 2014

Over its 50 or so year history the humble Ford Transit van has been involved in a few tales that have to be seen to be believed.

Jennings Motor Group takes a look at some that have caught our attention!

1 Transport an Elephant

When London Zoo had to move two baby elephants their handlers turned to the Ford Transit to get the job done.

2 Enter a boat race competition

A floating Transit once took part in the Maldon raft race – sadly the Ford engineers did not build a winning entry.

3 Run a celebrity business

To run their fruit business, Henry Cooper and family used a trusted Ford Transit to help with deliveries.

4 Transport a huge dinosaur

When looking to move their 49ft model Cetiosaurus from Kent to Edinburgh, model makers simply strapped it to their flatbed Ford Transit!            

5 Transport a top flight football team

Back in the 1960s Jimmy Greaves and fellow Tottenham players used a Transit Minibus to get about – we wonder what transport the current Tottenham first team uses?

6 Used as a royal car

Whilst living on Anglesey when stationed in the RAF Wills and Kate apparently used a white Ford Transit to go about the island unnoticed. (Note this is not the actual van!)

7 Pimp you Ride

Measuring 7.4m long and speced out with TV screens for movies on the go, this custom XXL version allows you to travel in style

8 Rock around the clock

Many bands did the long miles in a Ford Transit – Status Quo, Coldplay and The Tremoloes!

9 Go on a Car chase!

In the Fourth Protocol film Michael Caine did – made a difference to a Mini!

10 Do Donuts!

Spinning looks easy for V8 drift bus here in Poland! - click image below to view video.

11 Enter the Guinness Book of Records                                                                                                                      

In 1965 48 students crammed themselves into a Transit minibus. The students from Barking College won themselves a place in the record book.

12 Go down under

Covering 10,000 miles and taking 10 weeks, Hughes Overland ran a service from London to Australia using the trusted Ford Transit Minibus!

13 Tow a caravan a different way

Travelling quicker than legal on the road, a transit towed a caravan on the track at a staggering 170mph in 1985.

14 Race across the desert

Battling over 7,500 miles, a Transit raced across the dunes of North Africa.

15 Be a stunt driver

Only removing the windows and taping the doors and bonnet shut, Steve Matthews leapt over a total of 15 cars in his Transit van.

16 Commit crime

Describe by UK police as the best getaway vehicle of the 1970s, the Ford Transit had superb handling and capability – not that Jennings Motor Group condone this activity!

17 Chase bad guys

The good guys now catch the bad guys in a Transit Van.

18 Deliver a baby

On the way to the hospital in 2013, David and Jess did not quite make it to the hospital in their Transit. Instead little Alfie Kerr was born on route in the van!

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