New Ford EcoSport revealed

Posted on 07 Sep 2017

A host of leading freerunners, skateboarders, street athletes and BMX riders have created a new video for the upcoming All-New Ford EcoSport. Filmed in a single take, the 90 second sequence recorded in Barcelona, perfectly captured the latest Ford SUV with the help of 26 athletes.

ew Ford Ecosport Revealed

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Utilising the freeze frame technique made famous in the Matirix series of movies, the tricks were captured using a series of GoPro cameras.  Each athlete performed their stunts up close to the styled new sports utility vehicle to complement the bold new look.


Speaking about creating the video leading BMX rider Kriss Kyle commented “It’s been absolutely amazing to be part of something special like this, it’s not every day you get to jump over a car. It’s been great to work with all these other athletes from different disciplines.”

All New Ford Ecosport Revealed All New Ford Ecosport Revealed

Set to join the new Ford range in 2018, the All-New Ford EcoSport will be available at the Jennings Ford dealerships in Gateshead, Middlesbrough and Stockton. For further information call 0333 414 9750 to speak to a Ford specialist today. 

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