Published: 10 Jul 2017

All-New Ford Fiesta impresses leading motoring publication

“Ford replaces a really good car with a really good car”, that’s the view of leading motoring publication Motor 1 UK of the All-New Ford Fiesta.  Undergoing a rigorous road test it impressed thoroughly with the All-New Ford Fiesta ST-Line put through its paces.

First impressions are vital when reviewing a new car. Creating interesting angles and crease to keep your eyes busy, the exterior of the reviewed Ford Fiesta ST-Line impresses further thanks to the muscular side skirts and bigger spoiler. 


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Improved interior

Offering an improved interior with a central touchscreen console, the All-New Ford Fiesta offers a spacious feel that makes the car feel bigger than it actually is. Simple to use and with an iPhone ‘pinch and zoom’ interface, it also controls the air conditioning when required. The interior has been given a “thorough working over” giving a greater sense of ‘premium’ over the edition that is being replaced.


Superb drive

Renowned for producing small cars that offer a fun drive that is accessible, the reviewed All-New Ford Fiesta ST-Line edition featured stiffened suspension that was “not overly harsh or uncomfortable on nasty, rutted country roads (not unlike some of the UK’s B-roads), yet it’s stable and comfortable on the motorway, and offers more grip than you would possibly need if driven with, erm, spirit.”

In summing up Motor 1 UK commented “Overall the new car feels like a more grown-up version of the old car.

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