Published: 14 May 2018

All-New Ford Fiesta ST – What have we learnt?

The All-New Ford Fiesta ST is set to arrive later in the summer of 2018. With this in mind, Jennings Ford takes a look at what has been learnt from the promotional introduction. 

Aero is the real deal

Cutting through the air, the rear spoiler and diffuser are not just cosmetic. Maybe just not to the point where downforce is created.

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Don’t worry about the alloy options

With 17” Alloy wheel fitted as standard, the option of an 18” upgrade is available. Michelin Pilot Supersport tyres were found to ride similarly in different variations, Head of Ford Performance in Europe Leo Roeks commented.

Upgrade to the Performance Pack

Take the All-New Ford Fiesta ST to the next level with a limited-slip differential. Costing £850 it is calibrated to perfection allowing the ST split itself in tight corners on full power no trace of understeering felt.

The springs go bananas

Said to be shaped like a banana, Ford has introduced a new design of rear wheel spring. Adding more comfort, the steering precious needed remains.

The dampers are superb

The All-New Ford Fiesta ST dampers have a unique characteristic- they stay firm when travelling at speed, but soft for quick short movements.

Responsive steering

Feeling natural and responsive, the All-New Ford Fiesta ST steering ratio is very direct. For some cars this may be a bad thing but not on the ST.

Everything works together

All the bits that should work together in harmony do just that. Drawing better steering precision from the new ‘banana’ springs, it does not need high-frequency dampening.  Better road noise suppression perfectly blends with less ride harshness.

Superb engine

Improved fuel efficiency alongside performance, the All-New Ford Fiesta has all the power that you would expect and more. Add to this an oil cooler and it does all the hard work for you.

The sound you would you expect

With the warble and bite that you expect from a Ford performance engine, the All-New Ford Fiesta has purpose. Add to this sound enhancement through the built-in speakers, enjoy the noise as you travel. Over-run pops are helped by the flaps in the exhaust system.

Faster than ever before

Set to have the same power output as the previous Ford Fiesta ST200, the All-New edition is due to have 215PS or 212bhp. The stronger body is set to increase weight by 20kg. Due to handle the road better, the acceleration will improve.

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