Published: 01 Sep 2015

Are you a hot head when it comes to driving? Take the Road Rage test

Jennings Motor Group has launched an online tool that analyses individual driving habits to see if you are a hot head when it comes to road rage.  Taking ten everyday scenarios that we face most times we hit the UK roads find out for yourself if you are hot head on the road

Take the Road Rage Test

Using the simple online bar drag it to where you feel your Road Rage Rating is for each of the questions.

Work through each of the questions answering as honestly as possible – remember there are no right or wrong answers!

Find out your Road Rage Ranking

Once you have answered all the questions you will be given a road rage ranking. Out of a maximum score of 100 you can see just how angry on the roads you really are! Additionally, you can compare yourself to other that have used the Road Rage Ranker to see how compare to other to gain a better reflection on your driving habits.

Take the Road Rage Test

Don’t forget to share your results with others via Twitter and Facebook! Good luck! 

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