Published: 10 Feb 2014

Doing the basic maintenance right can help keep your car on the road for longer. With new cars more reliable than ever it is easy to put off doing the checks that keep your car in top condition. Jennings Motor Group looks at the simple steps you can take.

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Engine oil

Checking your engine oil level on a monthly basis can extend the life and efficiency of your engine. Helping to keep your engine run smoothly, oil reduces friction between the moving parts. Remember to never overfill the oil when topping up and ensure that the correct grade of oil for your car is used..  

Car lights

Faulty lights can be dangerous not only for you and other road users, but is also illegal. It is easier to notice if front lights are broken but harder to notice rear lights. A simple way to check is walk around your car when all lights are on – to check the rear brake lights ask someone to stand behind the car or park next to a reflective surface such as a garage door.

Timing belt

Something that is often talked about not always understood, the timing belt should be replaced on a regular basis. If it is not replaced in line with manufacturer guidelines the timing belt can cause severe damage to your engine if it fails. Check your owner’s manual for the car mileage or age when it should be replaced. 

Tyre pressure

Keeping your tyres at the correct pressure not only improves fuel efficiency but can increase the safety of your car. Incorrectly inflated tyres create extra drag and reduces grip on the road – check tyres on a monthly if not a weekly basis.  

Keep interior clean

Regular vacuuming and cleaning of the interior of your car helps maintain a car’s value. When you are looking to part-exchange or sell a car the interior acts as a good indicator to how the car has been looked after.

Paintwork and windscreen

It may seem minor but any damage to the paintwork or windscreen needs looking at as soon as possible. Damaged paintwork can lead to rusty bodywork and frost can lead to small windscreen cracks increasing in size.

Wax and wash your car

Keeping your car clean removes salt and grime that can corrode your car’s paintwork. Applying an annual coating of wax creates a barrier between the paint and adverse weather acting like a protective layer.

To keep your car in the best condition visit the Jennings Motor Group Servicing Department for further information or call 0333 414 9750.

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