Best New Car Deals in the North East

Posted on 04 Sep 2013

When buying a new car, it goes without saying that you want to find the best deal possible. Mortgage aside, a car is probably the biggest purchase you will ever make, so you will want to make sure your cash stretches as far as possible. Fortunately, the North East is a real hotbed when it comes to great deals and, if you are prepared to put in a bit of groundwork, you can find yourself a real bargain.

Know what you want

Before getting into sales negotiations with a dealer, it really helps if you know what you want. This way you will be able to find out how much you’ll be looking at paying and how much you can get off the listed price.

Make a list of the specifications and features that you want and draw up a shortlist of vehicles. A general rule of thumb is the higher the price of the car, the more scope there is to get a good deal. Profit margins are higher on cars that are more expensive and dealers will be more willing to offer a substantial discount. 

Jennings Motor Group Kia Showroom

Shop around

There is no shortage of dealers around, so take a bit of time to check with various showrooms and get quotes on the cars that you like.

Don’t give anything away

In negotiating a good deal on a car, many people recommend that you play it cool with the dealer. This is not the best advice. Rather than acting like a casual browser, make it clear to the salesperson that you are serious if there is a good deal on the table. The best offers from dealers in the North East are generally found on finance, as this is where commission is earned. If you are a cash buyer, do not reveal the fact until you have secured the price you want. 

Give yourself time

Never come across as someone that is in a rush; salespeople will take this as a sign that you are not there to make a purchase and will not put the effort into closing a deal. Take the time to browse and strike up a relationship with the salesperson.

Get a quote

Before you start haggling for a good deal, make sure that you are armed with a realistic quote and a breakdown of what is included in that quote. Dealers will often offer a number of extras with cars to make deals more appealing, but some of these extras might not be to your liking. Make sure a quote includes everything you want and nothing more. A spokesperson added "Always ask for a written quote, it is best to get the deal in writing from whichever dealership you visit". 

Best New Car Deals in the North East

Drive a hard bargain

When negotiating with a dealer, you have to go in hard. Let them know if you have seen a better offer at another dealer (take proof), but make it clear that you would rather support them if the deal is right. Salespeople love to haggle so they will be more than willing to go back and forth with you on a price. When you have secured the deal you want, do be afraid to ask for a couple of extras such as mats or a full tank of fuel.

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