Published: 15 Jan 2014

With a top speed of 207mph and a price tag of £240,000 it is not your average police car. The McLaren 12C that has a 0-60 time of 3 seconds will be unveiled at a Birmingham Motorshow with the aim of breaking down barriers between the police and drivers. Speaking about the special police car PC Nairn said “Everyone who sees the McLaren wants to come and talk about it. The car breaks the ice and gives the opportunity to get across the safety message”

Powered by a 3.8 twin turbo engine with almost 600bhp is six times the power of a Ford Fiesta and has a mpg of 25 – although this is doubt full at 207mph. Although branded in police livery the supercar will not be hitting the streets of Britain anytime soon.  It is on loan from a local dealership and will be returned to its usual appearance in the near future.  

McLaren Police Car vital statistics

Production: 2011

Engine: McLaren M838T twin-turbo 3.8 L V8 - 616 horsepower

Transmission: 7-speed dual-clutch

Top speed: 207mph

Structure:  carbon fibre composite chassis

Max torque: 443 lb per ft of torque

Price: £240,000


Britain's Fastest Police Car article by Jennings Motor Group.  

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