Published: 27 Apr 2016

CAGER RAGE GAUGE! - Motorcycle awareness

We all know what it’s like, you’re enjoying some time out on your bike and then someone comes along and tries to ruin it.

Sometimes you might wonder if you’re completely invisible even in a hi-vis jacket and other times you’re left wondering what on earth they were thinking…

What a lot of car drivers don’t seem to understand is that when you’re on a bike you don’t have the same protections that they do.

So at Jennings we want to hear your voice. What annoys you the most about bad car drivers aka Cagers.

The Cager Rage Gauge works by sliding the pointer to the desired measurement of anger for each of the top ten situations that drive you up the wall. Your scores are then compared to other bikers to work out how you rank on the gauge.

We want to share with car drivers what you deem to be the most annoying thing that they can possibly do and hopefully get some to think twice.


Bikers are vulnerable on the roads and rely on their own quick reactions as much as they rely on the consideration of other drivers, so take the quiz and share your Cager Rage Gauge score!


Take the Cage Rage Gauge quiz!


It's just a short series of questions and you use the slider to judge how mad each situation makes you. So click the link and find out!


The Jennings Motor Group are proud to raise awareness of biker safety alongside our Leeds Harley-Davidson dealership and our chosen 2016 charity, the Great North Air Ambulance.

You can find out more about Jennings Harley-Davidson here:


Take the Cage Rage Gauge quiz!

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