Published: 26 Sep 2013

At Jennings Motor Group we take pride in our excellent Accident Repair Centres that can repair any make or model of vehicle. But this got us thinking – who has damaged the most cars in a Hollywood blockbuster? There must be a record and it must be high? Here is our top list!

Gone in 60 Seconds – 93 cars destroyed

The 1974 film starting “Eleanor”, a 1973 Ford Mustang, managed to destroy 93 cars during the filming of the stunning 34 minute car chase. A staggering 47 cars are stolen during the film – only beaten by the 2000 remakes featuring Nicolas Cage where a total of 50 are stolen and delivered.

Blues Brothers – 103 cars destroyed

Jake and Elwood are released from prison and then go onto create mayhem. A total of 103 cars were destroyed during the film – leaving the Chicago police rather short by the end and the brothers back in Jail!

Blues Brothers 2000 – 112 cars destroyed

Elwood is back at it, but this time managing to destroy 9 more cars than last time! With 112 cars destroyed and many other misdemeanours along the way, the film features many musical cameo appearances including James Brown, Isaac Hayes, Clarence Clemons and BB King.









G I Joe - 112 cars destroyed

Tied with The Blues Brothers, G I Joe also went through a staggering 112 cars. Based on the classic action hero and starring Channing Tatum, it makes our list for cars destroyed but not for being a classic film!

Good Day To Die Hard – 132 cars destroyed

The fourth follow up to Die Hard sees Bruce Willis at it again as he heads to Russia to help his estranged son get out of prison. In the 97 minutes that follows, a total of 132 cars are destroyed but sadly not keep the audience enthralled, as the movie only an IMDB rating of 5.3 out of 10 – maybe destroy some more next time (we are sure Bruce will want another one)!

Matrix Reloaded – 300 cars destroyed

This 2003 blockbuster that is second of the Matrix trilogy that sees Neo and Trinity return. With 300 cars destroyed, Matrix Reloaded features more than double the smashed of Good Day To Die Hard, and maybe a reason behind the good reviews and a rating of 7.1 out of 10!

Transformer Dark Of The Moon – 532 cars destroyed

When there are Transformers about there is always going to be CAR-nage!  With a destroying rate of nearly 4 cars every minute of the 134 minute movie this tops the lot! Sadly Jennings Motor Group don’t selling any transforming cars – well not that we know of!

What is your favourite car destroying film – let Jennings Motor Group know!

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