Published: 28 Nov 2013

With the office Christmas Party season about to start, Police have revealed that the number of drink drivers being caught behind the wheel the morning after is on the increase. 2011 – 2012 saw a 4% increase of those caught over the limit behind the wheel, rising from 350 to 363 drivers.

Figures based on data from 22 of the 45 UK police forces showed the rise in morning drink drivers goes against the overall 4% reduction in drink driving offences. A further study found that 3% of drivers admitted to driving over the limit the morning after a drinking session within the last two years, with 37% saying that morning drink driving was unavoidable and 19% thinking that they were felt ok to drive. 


EDIT:  View our new drink driving awareness campaign here

The highest drink driving figures were recorded in the Thames Valley area with a total of 4,577 offences, followed closely by Avon and Somerset with 4,093 recorded.

Police in Bedfordshire recorded the highest drink driving reading in 2013, with one motorist breathalysed reading eight times the legal limit. Jennings Motor Group’s advice is to plan ahead and not drive the following morning after a night of drinking. It is easy to assume that after a good night’s sleep you will be in a fit state. If in any doubt do not get behind the wheel of your car.

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