Published: 11 Nov 2016

Crazy concepts for the Ford Fiesta

We are also used to seeing manufacturers release concept cars images from time to time, but you may have missed Ford’s concepts that nearly became the new Ford Fiesta model. Since hitting the UK roads 40 years ago some crazy concepts based on the Fiesta have been released. Jennings Motor Group takes a look at our favourites.

Ford Pocket

In 1980 a concept was released call the Ford Ghia Pocket that took storage to the next level. Taking the Pocket name literally, matching suitcases neatly fitted into the external storage areas.

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Ford Urba

You are used to seeing cars with 2 or 4 doors for passenger access, but the Ford Urba went to in a different direction with 3 doors- only one at the rear. Other features included parking sensors and a fridge in the boot.

Ford MPV

The Ford Fantasy was a two seat coupe that was a master of transformation. When you needed to carry additional passengers it could be transformed into an estate car.

Ford Tuareg

Taking the Ford Fiesta into off-road mode, the Ford Tuareg from 1979 was built to take on any terrain that got in the way. Additional features include rally fog lights.

Fiesta Verve

Taking inspiration from mobile phone design, the Fiesta Verve also featured an early version of the Ford signature nose design. 

Fiesta Bobcat

Ahead of its time when it comes to compact SUVs, the Fiesta Bobcat also has a brilliant name!

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