Published: 26 Oct 2015

Driving test tips – Jennings practical guide to help pass your test

Taking your driving test is for many one of the most nerve wrecking things you will ever have to do. All those months of lessons rest on the outcome of around 40 minutes of you and an instructor in a car watching your every move. 

With a pass rate of just below 50% is it important that you do everything that you can to help increase the chances of success. Jennings Motor Group takes a look at top tips to help you pass your driving test.

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Choose suitable clothing

As stupid as it may sound the clothes you wear may help you on test day. Choose loose fitting clothing such as jogging bottoms or loose fitting t-shirts as they are less likely to restrict you whilst driving. Additionally, footwear such as trainers maybe more useful that larger boots or shoes when controlling the pedals.

Keep it to yourself

Don’t tell anyone about your driving test – keep it to yourself. Many say that others knowing the date and time of the test creates added pressure. Only let people know once you have passed your test.

Don’t skip a meal

Ensure that you have eaten or drank before you take your driving test.  You will increase your concentration levels compared to taking the test on an empty stomach.

Be prepare and arrive early

Arrive at the test centre in plenty of time so the driving test does not feel rushed or hurried. It will also help you become acquainted with the surrounds.

Get help from an additional instructor

If you have a friend at least 21 and they have held a full driving licence for at least three years then you can use then to help you learn to drive as an additional instructor. An extra view on how you drive could help you learn.

Keep calm

It may sound easier said than done but keeping calm will help you improve your concentration levels. It will also help keep your nerves under control.

Take the test only when you feel ready

You may feel under pressure from friends and family to take you test earlier than you feel comfortable with. Only you will know exactly when you feel ready to take your test as taking it too early and failing may affect your confidence when taking the test at a future date.

Book your test at a time best for you

Some people prefer to take their driving test when the traffic levels are lower or early in the morning so they have less time to stress about it. Avoid taking your driving test when you have other things going on such as medical appointments or exams.

Learn your local test area

Familiarise yourself with test routes around your local test centre. This will help your confidence when it comes to taking your driving test as you will be aware of road layouts and potential obstructions that you may face.

Have a good night’s sleep

Reaction times will be greatly reduced if you have a poor night’s sleep.  Having an early night and a good night’s sleep will help you perform at your best whilst taking your driving test.

Keep positive

On the morning of your test keep positive however difficult that maybe. Keeping positive can help to keep your nerves in check and help you to perform at your best.

Listen to the driving examiner

Listen fully to the instructions that you are given from the driving examiner during the driving test. If you feel that you have not heard or do not fully understand an instruction given then ask the examiner to repeat it.

Plan a toilet break beforehand

Go to the toilet before your test. You will be unable to go during it.

Have a driving lesson before your test

Arrange a driving lesson before your test to practice your driving. Also, it will get the features such as the driver’s seat and mirrors set at your positions before commencing the test.

Keep your diary clear

Don’t schedule anything for before your driving test as over running events can affect your preparation. Additionally, prior activities can create a rush and add to you being tired before taking the driving test.

Take your time

Do not rush the manoeuvres that you are given by the driving examiner. You are required to undertake them in a safe and correct manor rather than as fast as possible.

Bring all your documents with you

Don’t be hunting for your driving licence and theory test pass certificate at the time of your test. Place them on the side the night before so that you remember them when you are leaving for your test.


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