Published: 09 Apr 2015

Taking your car to mainland Europe on holiday

With Spring here Jennings Motor Group have decided to take a look at what you need to plan and take with you when taking your car to mainland Europe on a holiday this summer. The example used is for driving in France during 2015.

Driving Licence / Passport

As obvious as it seems you are legally required to hold a valid UK driving licence and carry it with you whilst driving in France – this includes the paper section.  Also, the minimum age for driving in France is 18. You are also required to carry your Passport in the vehicle.

Proof of vehicle ownership

The vehicles V5C (log book) is required to be carried as proof of ownership the vehicle. Photocopies of the original documents are not accepted by French authorities. In the case of car that are leased and the V5C forms held by a lease company then a VE103B (Vehicle on Hire document) document is required – this can be requested from the lease company and used as proof of ownership if requested whilst abroad. 

Motor insurance

You are required to be covered by insurance for your vehicle that covers the country you are driving in. Check with your existing insurance provider if your policy covers this – if not then look to take out further European cover.

Road Tax

As with driving in the UK you are required to have valid road tax throughout the duration of your holiday in France.

Safety kit

It is compulsory to carry a Warning Triangle in your car at all times, as well as reflective jackets and spare bulbs. It is also recommended to carry a first aid kit and spare car keys. 

Headlight deflectors

With driving on the other side of the road it is vital to adjust the beam of your lights. Either use deflector patches on the headlights or manually adjust them.

GB identification

You are required to have number plates on the front or back of the vehicle that display the Euro symbol and Great Britain national identifier. Alternatively, you are required to display the traditional GB White oval sticker.

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