Published: 10 May 2016

Efficient Ford EcoBlue engine set to be rolled out

Next year is set to see a new fuel efficient diesel engine added to the award winning range of Ford engines. Set to include as an option on the facelifted Kuga the Ford EcoBlue engine is set to reduce NOx and CO2 levels whilst increasing performance and meeting new stringent emission standards.

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Debuting on the latest Ford Commercial range including the Ford Transit, Ford has confirmed that the new EcoBlue engines will “power the company’s future passenger cars” with the Ford Kuga at the front of the queue, with the Ford Focus set to also feature.

The new 2.0l engine that debuted with the Ford Transit improves by up to 13% and uses an Adblue urea exhaust treatment technology that reduces particulate and NOx emissions – an area that has featured greatly during the recent emissions scandals. Speaking about the new Ford EcoBlue diesel engines Paul Turner, Ford of Europe’s base engine technical leader, commented “The versatile design even allows the same block to be used for front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive applications, and the sophisticated design and technologies deliver future-proofed fuel efficiency and emissions". 

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