Published: 08 Aug 2016

Eight Ways to Accessorise Your Ford Focus

Accessorising your car allows you to create an auto that mirrors your character and personality. When a model rolls out of a showroom, you know it looks exactly like that car model someone else has. All this can change by adding some personal touches to your vehicle. There is nothing more enjoyable than getting creative when it comes to accessorising your Ford Focus. The best part of it is that accessorising is easy to do, and you don’t need any technical experience.

Just remember though that too many accessories can make your auto look tacky rather than classy.

Below you’re going to learn some of the ways in which your Ford Focus can be accessorised just right. You’ll get the new look that embodies everything you want your Focus to symbolise. Some little embellishments to the inside and the outside can be all that’s standing between you and the car of your dreams.

Search For Your Ford Focus Parts and Accessories

So without further ado, here are some of these customisation options.

Scuff Plates

On the exterior of your car, you need to keep everything looking great. No matter how good of a driver you are, you will encounter obstacles on the road. A pair of scuff plates can ensure that the paint job you just invested in isn’t ruined by a single moment of carelessness.

These scuff plates are made to last and are manufactured specifically to blend in with the rest of your Ford Focus’ body, no matter the colour.

Alloy Wheels

A great add-on to have for your car is four new alloy wheels. Nothing changes the appearance of a car more than a great set of alloys.

Alloys are typically made from anodised aluminium, which enhances their strength and durability. They’re non-slip and are easily cleaned of mud and slush during the winter time.

In-Car Mats

One thing that can make the world of difference for the interior of your motor is a set of car mats. In-car mats are designed to be placed in front of every seat to avoid any muddy footprints or small stones and grit from ruining the interior carpet of the car. Ford Focus in-car mats are designed to fit in with the interior of that brand of car. In-car mats are typically durable and stylish, making them a must-have for all Ford Focus owners.

Storage Nets

Storage is always a problem in a car like the Ford Focus. It’s far from a people carrier, but it’s larger than a compact. However, every car needs an easy place to store those little knickknacks without messing the car up. The easiest way to achieve this is with in-car storage nets.

Storage nets are designed to fit in seamlessly with the rest of the car. They can be attached to the moulds inside the doors, for example, automatically giving you pockets that you can leave your pens, mobile phone, and anything else in.

Install as many of them as you want/need. These are one of the cheaper styling options open to you.

Roof Bars

Roof bars are not something you think of when it comes to style. They may not be to everyone’s taste, but nobody can deny how useful they are. Roof bars are among the most important components a Ford Focus owner can have. Fix them to the top of the car and you’ll be able to transport large items, including bicycles and kayaks, or add a roof box if the need arises.

The bars are designed to be as unobtrusive as possible, and they can be easily removed as and when required. 

Illuminated Gear Stick

Sometimes a Ford Focus just looks so much better when its lit up at night. An illuminated gear stick is a great addition that looks expensive yet costs very little. This styling enhancement will place coloured lights at the very top of the gearstick. You can control when it lights up, and it can fit in with the rest of the lighting you have in the car.

Gear sticks can be enhanced with lights of many different colours. They add a sporty look and increase the perceived value of the car. Feel free to choose a colour that best suits your personality.

Car Seat Covers

The perfect seat cover can turn the ordinary Ford Focus seat into something you want to sink into. The goal is to make your Focus something you can enjoy riding in. Seat covers will protect the interior from the general wear and tear experienced over time.

A water-repellent, washable seat cover will stop everything from spills to sweaty clothes from ruining your new seats. Seat covers not only look great, but they are also a welcome addition on those long car journeys.

Satellite Navigation Pack

The driver of today needs technology to make the most of their drive. Make getting lost a thing of the past by investing in a satellite navigation pack. Using the latest satellite technology, you can find out where you are at any time and learn how to get to your chosen destination. Satellite technology has become more advanced, and it has never been more accurate. You will save time, a lot of effort, and frustration when trying to get around a new city.


There is no end to the number of accessories on offer for your Ford Focus today. The marketplace has been absolutely flooded with the sheer number of parts on offer. You can stylise your car in any way you see fit. Experiment with different parts and accessories and see what you can come up with.

When you drive a Focus that fits your style, there’s no greater experience in the world!

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