Published: 04 May 2017

First Mitsubishi car to be recreated with a modern twist

To celebrate the centenary of the Mitsubishi Model A, it is set to be recreated and significantly updated for the 21st century. Utilising the latest technology that can be found on the current Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, the Model A will represent the company’s proud history.

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Originally the Mitsubishi Model A was powered by a 2.8l four-cylinder engine that produced 26kW of power, but it will be transformed into a Plug-In Hybrid Electric by the legendary West Coast Customs.  Set to feature as part of TV series Inside West Coast Customs, it is set to be revealed later in the summer. 

Speaking about the project with Mitsubishi, CEO and founder of West Coast Customs, Ryan Friedling commented “It is an incredibly exciting opportunity to be able to integrate the history of the original Mitsubishi Model A with the technology of current-day Mitsubishi vehicles to recreate the Mitsubishi Model A,” He added “Team members in every department of West Coast Customs are super excited to be involved with this build - truly a piece of automotive history.”

The latest Mitsubishi new car range is available to view and test drive at Jennings Mitsubishi. For further information call 0333 414 9750 to speak to a member of the Mitsubishi team. Otherwise, visit the Jennings Mitsubishi dealership at Cargo Fleet Lane in Middlesbrough.

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