Published: 29 Oct 2013

With a 100 ps engine capable of a top speed of 100mph, the Aeromobil 2.5 has been tested on its maiden flight. With two seats, it can be driven on land like a standard car before opening the folding wings for take-off. Built from carbon fibre and steel, it can fit inside a standard garage, be refilled at a standard petrol station and as a flight range of 430 mile – London to Paris with fuel to spare. The test flight does look a bit wobbly, with little altitude gained, but we are sure this will improve with further testing. Competition comes from the American Terraugia Transmission – another flying car that is looking to get in to the same market. 

Before you rush to your local Jennings Motor Group to place an order, it is likely to be a few years before it is released to the mass market. Designer Stefan Klein has been working on the concept for nearly 20 years, a couple more years won’t harm. Remember though if you ever look to buy a flying car in the future that you’ll have to factor in flying lessons if you don’t already hold a pilot’s licence!


Remember as Henry Ford once said “Mark my word. A combination airplane and motorcar is coming. You may smile, but it will come”.

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