Published: 08 Dec 2015

Ford developing driverless technology

It has long been discussed within the motor industry – the day when cars will be able to drive and park themselves without assistance. Following on from driverless systems announced by manufacturers including Tesla and BMW, Ford have revealed new systems including the ability to park a car without the driver being inside. 

Ford Traffic Jam Assist

Using a number of cameras and radars to monitor the road ahead, road markings and nearby traffic, Ford Traffic Jam Assist takes control of the accelerator, brakes and steering in heavy traffic to keep a safe distance from the cars in front whilst staying in the centre of the lane. Unlike traditional cruise control the setting will continue once the car has stopped and set off again keeping up with the flow of traffic. To keep the Ford Traffic Jam Assist active drivers will need to keep their hands on the steering wheel otherwise driver warnings will sound.


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Speaking about the benefits of the system Reid Steiger from the Automated Driving division at Ford commented “For many drivers, fighting heavy traffic on the way to work leaves them stressed, angry and exhausted, even before the work day begins. Traffic Jam Assist helps the driver maintain the distance to the vehicle ahead and helps to keep the vehicle centred in the lane. The system aims to reduce driver stress in dense traffic scenarios."  

Ford Remote Park Assist

Another driverless feature Ford has announced is Remote Park Assist. Allowing cars to be parked in even tight spaces with the driver not in the car, the driver simply selects the option on the key fob to park the car either forwards or in reverse. The days of returning to your car and finding it wedged in between two cars and not being able to get in are over. Simply select Remote Park Assist and it will pull out of the space automatically.


Ford have so far not commented on when the two systems will be available on the new Ford car range, but Jennings Motor Group will continue to keep you update to date with Ford developments.  

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