Published: 26 Jul 2017

Ford Fiesta: New or Previous Generation

The All-New Ford Fiesta has landed, with motoring publications praising its transformation. Looking back to a few months ago and the previous Fiesta was still so popular. Deciding which Fiesta would be more suited for you could be difficult. We give you a look at both generations to make your decision that little bit easier.

Ford Fiesta styling
The main difference between the All-New Ford Fiesta and the previous Fiesta is the back and the rear lights, with the transformation presenting more of a squarer back than previously. The front of the car hasn’t changed drastically, the curves differ slightly but the changes become more apparent with the new Titanium and above, the front grille differentiates between models.

Running Costs
Ford Fiestas are known for their low running costs and there isn’t huge change with the cost of running the All-New Ford Fiesta. Maintenance and insurance are both similar between the two different generations.  It might be good to bear in mind that the new Ford Fiesta comes under the new £140 yearly road tax.

Engines and performance
Ford know how to make a small car practical and engaging to drive. The previous Fiesta boasts responsive steering and hugs the corners nicely. The All-New Fiesta has a ‘grown up’ feel about it, it gives the same responsiveness but with a less edgy and more mature feel. Whatever version you choose, both share a range of engines to suit your preference. 

Interior and technology
The obvious interior difference in the All-New Ford Fiesta is the tidy dash. A range of infotainment specs are available starting with 4.2-inch touchscreen SYNC 3 on the Zetec model which also includes Apple CarPlay and Android compatibly. Other models such as Titanium and above include a 10-inch version and sat-nav. If having the latest tech is your thing, you may sway towards the New Fiesta.

The All-New Fiesta has an additional 2 litres added to the boot space as well as in the rear seats. The latest Fiesta offers 1,093 litres compared to the 974 litres of the previous model. If space isn’t a huge deal breaker the previous Ford Fiesta still offers enough space for passengers in the back on a short journey.

We recommend the latest model for anyone looking for the updated dash and new styling. Although opting for the previous Fiesta models offers a budget friendly, practical and safe car.

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