Published: 23 Oct 2018

Ford Fiesta Vs

Ford Fiesta Zetec & Toyota Yaris T2

Fords Fiesta and the Toyota Yaris are both marketed as small economy cars yet both display features of a high specification vehicle, but which model sets the bar for Small class vehicles?

Engine & Power

The Engine of the Yaris is a comfortable 1.0L VVT-I petrol which suits the size of the smaller body, similarly to the Fiesta which is also fitted with a 1.0L engine, however this engine is known as the EcoBoost, which is slightly different to a regular 1.0L. The difference being this engine has added turbo charge making it more powerful, the modern EcoBoost is also eco-friendlier, reducing co2 emissions to as low as 99g/km.

The Fiesta engine exceeds the power of an ordinary 1.0L with 98bph which for a smaller vehicle sits at the top of its bracket. The Yaris is considerably lower at 68bph taking 14.8 seconds to reach that 60mph mark, in comparison to its Ford competitor coming in at just over 10 seconds (10.5)

Fiesta Top Speed: 113mph.

Yaris Top Speed: 96mph.


Yaris dimensions: H: 1510 x L: 3885 x W: 1695mm
Fiesta dimensions: H: 1476 x L: 4040 x W: 1941mm

In regards to size, the fiesta is considerably bigger than the Yaris, so in terms of dimension the Yaris would make a great first car, being the smaller of the two and slightly taller, the Yaris sits you higher in the vehicle giving a wider range of view. The Fiesta is larger per length and width but lower in height than its competitor. This gives the Ford model a sportier aesthetic having the driver sit closer to the ground. The Toyota may be easier to maneuver but it depends on what vehicle suits your personal preferences and style.

Even though the Yaris is the smaller vehicle it does have a slightly larger luggage capacity at 290L while the Fiesta is only 4 litres behind, could this be the difference between buying one over the other? (286L)


The Yaris produces around 111g/km of CO2 emissions which is still particularly low! The Ford EcoBoost model produces less at 99g/km making it considerably more economical. Similarly, with miles to the gallon, the Yaris redeems itself with 58mpg but is still overtaken buy the Fiesta at 60mpg. Understandably the difference is minuscule but alongside the other specification figures the Fiesta seems to be better in terms of its Carbon Footprint and fueling.

Interior Features 

Both vehicles have benefited from the recent facelift, bringing more features to the interior as well.
The Yaris is slightly more of a budget vehicle than the Fiesta which is reflected in the comfort and style of the interior. The inside of the Toyota does use slightly cheaper materials, while neither vehicle is specifically high class, the fiesta does offer more technology and a roomier feel to the interior. Both vehicles offer touchscreen and smartphone connectivity alike most of newer, modern vehicles today.

The Yaris features brake assist as well as traction and stability control and a pre-collision system so in terms of pre-safe systems the Toyota is pretty basic. The Ford competitor has a full range of Ford technology including Park Assist, Active City Stop, Active Braking, Speed Assist and Pedestrian and Cycling Detection. The Ford pre-safe systems are considerably more advanced than that of Toyota but it does depend on what, as a driver is essential to your journey.

Take a closer look at the range

Verdict: After comparing both vehicles the clear winner would have to be the Ford Fiesta, with the cleaner engine, more bhp and the sleeker exterior. While the Yaris may appeal to those looking for smaller, more compact vehicles, the Fiesta simply has more to offer, inside and out!

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