Published: 22 Jun 2016

Ford Focus ‘RS500’ hits the road

The new Ford Focus RS is only new to the UK roads but Ford is already looking to add a RS500 Special Edition version to the range. Spies at the legendary Nurburging in Germany have snapped a special version under taking testing.

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Changes to the bodywork are seen including amended vents and front air intakes to help disperse the heat from the turbo charged 2.3l engine and improve the performance. Expected to increase the bhp to around the 376bhp and the same level of the Mercedes-AMG A45, the Ford Focus RS500 is also set to be stripped of any excess weight to create a lighter chassis.

Additional tweaks are set to include the brakes and chassis to give the Ford Focus RS500 a track driving feel, however it is not known if it will be joining Audi and Mercedes in having a dual-clutch automatic gearbox option. 

Prices and launch date are not yet known, but Jennings Motor Group does not expect it to be until 2017. Find out more about the Ford Focus RS by calling 0333 414 9750 to speak to a Ford specialist.

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