Published: 05 May 2017

Ford Galaxy turned into last minute Polling Station

After failing to get into a Polling Station that was mistakenly locked on Election Day, a Ford Galaxy saved the day. Presiding officer Simone Evans took the decision to use the MPV for the council elections in Buckie, Morray, in the north of Scotland.

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Using the front seats to store the ballot boxes, the rear seats were used to allow visitors to cast their vote in privacy. Speaking about the new Polling Station Moira Patrick, deputy returning officer commented "She did exactly what all our elections staff are trained to do in the event of not being able to gain access to a polling place for whatever reason”. She added “It is part of their training, but as far as I can recall this is only the second time it has ever had to be put into practice."

Before the Royal British Legion branch was opened two voters took the opportunity to cast their votes in the rear of the MPV before staff arrived. It is unknown why the original Polling Station was not available as required.

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