Ford hits top of American favourite car list

Posted on 02 Aug 2016

Think of American cars and your probably think about American Muscle cars – the pumped up, large engined, chrome covered classics. But there is more to American cars to this especially with the introduction of the industry leading Tesla electric cars. 

To celebrate the history of the American car industry leading car publication Auto Express has compiled a pole looking at the greatest 10 American cars in history and legendary manufacturer Ford features prominently throughout the chart.

Top 10 American cars of all time


1. Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang American Favourite car

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2. Corvette

Corvette Favourite American Cars


3. Cadillac Eldorado

Cadilac Eldorado American Favourite Cars


4. Ford Model T

Ford Model T Amercia's Favourite Cars

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5. Jeep

Jeep Amercia's Favourite cars


6. Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S American Top 10 Cars


7. Oldsmobile Curved Dash

Oldsmobile Curved Dash American Classic Car


8. Cadillac Type 53

Cadillac Type 53 American Top 10 Cars


9. Ford GT

Ford GT American Top 10 Cars


10.Duesenberg Model J

Duesenberg Model J Top 10 American Cars

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