Published: 20 Jan 2016

Ford launch new ‘Ford Un learn campaign’

We all have preconceptions about brands, what they stand for and what they can offer us as consumers. As part of a new marketing campaign that is set launch across various media platforms Ford is urging the nation to ‘Un Learn’ predeterminations that they have about the Ford brand.

In Ford’s own words it’s about letting go of what you think of ‘Mondeo Man’, what you think they know of the brand and even life itself. Taking a look at the familiar and then removing limiting beliefs can show how far we can progress. The examples used throughout the campaign is Tiddlow, a micro pig that discovers a cat flap, Fauja Singh a 104 year old record-breaking runner alongside the all new Ford Mustang.

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Speaking about the campaign Andy Barratt, Chairman & Managing Director Ford UK commented "The campaign is about taking a fresh look at the familiar and anyone in the UK who takes a fresh look at Ford may be surprised by what they find," He added "We now have a line up of vehicles that demonstrate our performance prowess and innovation, from the Ford GT which will race this year at Le Mans, to our new flagship SUV, Edge, which is laden with driver-helping technology." Whilst Richard Beard Ford’s Marketing Manager added "Unlearn is about casting aside preconceptions, having another think about Ford, and reappraising. It’s about not being held back by limiting beliefs."

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