Published: 18 Jan 2016

Ford looking to introduce wearable technology

With technology advances throughout the car industry, manufacturers are trying to outdo each other to bring new technology to the marketplace. Ford has launched a new research facility that is set to develop technology that can be worn by drivers and investigates the links between the technology and driving styles. Forming part of the Ford Smart Mobility provision, it is looking to develop applications to monitor driver safety and boost the growth of autonomous driving. 

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Keeping drivers connected

Driver assisted technologies including lane-keeping technology could be used to monitor sleep patterns of drivers and increase alert warnings if required. Statistics including heart-rate, blood glucose and blood pressure being measured could eventually lead to semi-autonomous systems taking over the driving if required. Speaking about the possibility of the wearable Ford technology being introduced, Gary Strumolo Global Manager at Ford Research and Advanced Engineering commented “Wearable technology integrated with the vehicle allows for more accurate biometric data to stream continuously and alert active driver-assist systems to become more sensitive if the driver shows signs of compromised health or awareness”.

Ford has been increasing its testing in recent months in the inclement weather to ensure that it can work to the optimum levels in different conditions. This is in addition to the development of intelligent vehicles that have been announced and set to be trialled soon on public roads. For further information about the latest Ford technology speak to a member of our Ford team today on 0333 414 9750 who will happily answer any questions that you may have.

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