Ford Mustang official performance figures released

Posted on 29 Apr 2015

As the build up to the launch of the European version of the Ford Mustang continues, Ford has released the official figures and Jennings Motor Group is very impressed.

Watch our video below to find out the official Ford figures that have been released.

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The full fat fully loaded 5.0l V8 (421PS) version will hit the 62mph bracket in an impressive 4.8 seconds – the same as a Porsche 911 Carrera or Aston Martin Vantage V8. Whilst the EcoBoost version with a 2.3l (317PS) is only a second behind with 5.8 seconds - either engine option packs a punch.

Jennings Motor Group Ford Mustang

With a rigid body, new suspension and ultra-lightweight parts that include aluminium parts, the European right hand drive Ford Mustang is fast not only in a straight line but around corners with 0.97g of force that can pin you to your seat – the same as parachuting down to earth from a plane!

Jennings Motor Group Ford Mustang Rear

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