Published: 23 Jan 2017

Ford Mustang set for 2018 revamp

Since hitting the roads of the UK in 2015, the Ford Mustang has been impressing petrolheads and industry journalists alike. Tweaking and amending the muscle car sees Ford include a new front end, new gear box and improved interior cabin technology.

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The introduction of a new chiselled spoiler, lower air intakes and new angular front bumper makes the tweaks noticeable, but does not affect the overall look.  Sitting lower than the current model, the Ford Mustang 2018 features a smoother front fascia. Headlights have also been updated to include slimmer indicators. 

Engine options for the UK market will continue to be the smaller 2.3l EcoBoost four-cylinder entry level, alongside the larger V8 5.0l available with the GT. Undergoing reworking, the V8 will produce an increase in power that is complemented by an active exhaust system. A 10-speed automatic gearbox is added as an option replacing the existing six-speed auto that features steering wheel mounted paddles. 

Replacing the traditional analogue rev counter and speedometer, a new digital display is available that can be customised to individual requirements. Favourite driving set ups can be saved with the introduction of a new MyMode function. Additionally, semi-autonomous driver assists are available including Lane Keeping Alert, Driver Alert and Lane Keeping Aid. Introducing technology across the Ford Mustang range maybe seen by some as moving the pony away from its core, but the changes may just make the brilliant Ford Mustang even better.

The exact date of when Ford will be releasing the new Ford Mustang to the UK market is unknown, but is expected to be early in 2018. For the latest new Ford car range visit a Jennings Ford dealership in Gateshead, Stockton and Middlesbrough. Alternatively, call 0333 414 9750 to speak to a Ford specialist today. 

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