Ford Mustang v Chevy Camaro

Posted on 25 Apr 2016

The new right hand drive Ford Mustang has been turning heads since it hit the UK roads earlier in the year and now it is set to be joined by the latest Chevrolet Camaro.

Although only available in left hand drive the new 2016 Chevy Camero is set to cost more than the new Ford Mustang with a starting price of £32,500 for the 2.0l version with prices for the 6.2l rising dramatically. 

Jennings Motor Group - Chevy Camero v Ford Mustang

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Jennings Motor Group - Ford Mustang v Chevy Camaro

Mustang or Camaro?

Proving popular in the UK thanks in part to the in newly introduced right hand drive version, the Ford Mustang is given a healthy advantage due to the fact that the Camaro is only available in US left hand drive – a strange decision in hindsight. The title of world muscle car of the year must be heading the way of Ford. Trying to keep loyal UK fans happy General Motors is set to offer the Camaro in turbo 4 and V8 form to match the Mustang with 455bhp compared to a small 435bhp of the Mustang. But at nearly £2,000 less expensive for a right hand drive it’s a simple choice?

Jennings Motor Group - Ford Mustang v Chevy Camaro

Ford Mustang and Chevy Camaro stats

Camaro Coupe:
4-Cyl Auto- £32,500 ($46,197)
V8 Manual - £37,000 ($52,581)
V8 Auto - £38,460 ($54,669)

Mustang Coupe:
4-Cyl Manual- £30,995 ($44,047)
4-Cyl Auto - £32,495 ($46,179)
GT Manual - £34,995 ($49,731)
GT- Auto - £36,495 ($51,863)

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